Every writer dreams not only of getting their book published, but someday having that book reviewed in the NY Times (right next to being spotlighted by Oprah!). I almost fell off my chair when my publisher forwarded me the review for The Dandelion’s Tale in a recent issue of the Times.

It was short and sweet, but most important of all, a great review! Here’s what they said :

The pale blue skies and grassy meadows of “The Dandelion’s Tale” beautifully convey springtime’s promise of renewal. One little dandelion, however, has lost all but 10 of her fuzzy white seed pods, and fears she will soon be forgotten. A kind sparrow listens to her happy memories and makes sure they are passed along to the next generation. Obvious analogies to the human life cycle make this lovely-to-look-at, old fashioned tale a little sad and a little sweet, like the best goodbyes.”

Don’t think my feet have touched the floor since I read this. Thank you to everyone who has read the book and passed along your kind words!

Here’s a link to the Sunday Book Review.