I know I’m going to date myself here with this, but when I was in grammar school, aside from recess, my favorite part of school was getting the 4 page book catalogue. They were handed out every quarter. My parents encouraged me to read and would let me pick out 2 to 3 books each time it came around.

Trying to choose which ones to get was always harder than hitting a curveball (which I never figured out – but I could throw one!). After I gave my teacher the slip with my payment, I counted the days until we’d get a call to send someone to the office to bring up a box. Within that box were all the books we kids had ordered. I used to volunteer to get the box. It got me that much closer to my coveted books.

And oh what a wonderful smell when we opened the box. I swear, if someone creates a cologne or perfume that smells like new books, I’m buying a lifetime supply.

Those days are loooong gone, but as a writer, I still get to experience that thrill when my author copies are delivered. Today was one of those special days. My copies of The Dandelion’s Tale are finally in my hot little hands. I’ve waited almost 4 years to actually hold a copy. And that smell. Can’t beat it.

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