Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK!

Happy Chinese New Year 2014! It’s the year of the horse! Since I love all things history, culture, or steeped in tradition, we liked celebrating the holiday yesterday for fun at our house. We like to remind ourselves what animal year we were born in, then see if our personalities are matching up as we learn and grow. Quite honestly, there is also a part of me that just loves all the reds, yellows, oranges and the dragons…..oh, I love the dragons. The kids and I watch some of the parades online and it’s amazing how intricate some of the people dragon trains are designed!

chinese new year 2014

We make crafts and read books and this year my six-year-old and I watched Mulan, one of our favorite heroines.  I leave in this post for you some links and images to help you celebrate or to see how we enjoyed our evening. Be…

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