Here in New York, we’ve been socked with a few snowstorms and frigid temperatures that have driven people deep into their homes, close to warm radiators and electric blankets.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who truly loves the snow and cold. How much do I love snow? This is what I think it should look like outside my door from December through March :

Feb 2008 040

Which brings me to the single greatest thing my family and I have ever done. A few winters back, New York was unseasonably warm with nary a trace of white powder. So what did my snow-crazy family do? We drove to Maine, where the white stuff was stacked 10 feet high everywhere we looked.

Before we headed north, we looked into outdoor winter activities we could all enjoy doing. We’re not skiers, so that was out. Riding around in snowmobiles would be fun, but the kids were a little young at the time. And then we found it, the single coolest thing we could do in the snow – dog sledding! I mean, how many people do you know have actually ridden on a dog sled? We couldn’t pass it up.

It was a warm 8 degrees as we made the 1 hour drive to mountains of New Hampshire to meet our dogs. Once we were in the sleds with layers of blankets over us, we totally forgot about the cold. The dogs pulled us up and down and over hills for the next hour. We all hoped it would never end.

Feb 2008 046

Feb 2008 053

Feb 2008 057

Feb 2008 056

My daughter even got to try her hand at guiding the sled.

Sitting by my window now, seeing the snow covered landscape, feeling the frost on the windowpane, I can hear the barking and yipping of a team of dogs, anxious to hit the snow. I think it’s time to head north again.