I’ve found during my many editing sessions that my inability to keep continuity with time in my work is a major issue. It’s especially hard for longer works or manuscripts where you take several breaks from and just plumb forget the time of day when you pick it up again.

Shannon A. Thompson has provided some great tips for avoiding these pitfalls. Writers take note!

Shannon A Thompson

How many times have you been following a television show, and there is a full moon every episode? Or their clothes don’t change? Or the weather stays the same all year long, unless snow, rain, or sunshine is used for symbolic enhancement?

It’s unrealistic, and it drives me crazy. It may be a personal pet peeve of mine, but I doubt it. Even Florida doesn’t have sunshine every day, but writers seem to set weather and time aside, especially when they’re more focused on the storyline. At first, I completely agree. Write. Don’t worry about small details. However, I really think revision is necessary for situations like this. Time needs to be tracked. 

When I do revisions, I actually label each chapter with what day it is, what time it is, and how long the chapter lasts. Then I move onto the next chapter and then the next. At…

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