In my previous post, I wrote about how as a picture book writer, you need to construct your prose with the illustator in mind. Well, today I’m thrilled to show everyone the cover to my forthcoming picture book, The Dandelion’s Tale! It will be released in spring, 2014, but at least now I have a cover to prove to folks that I actually have a  book coming out (flashing my book contract just didn’t seem right).


Taa-daa! I’m extra excited about the cover because I’ve been waiting a loooooong time to put my little eyeballs on it. You see, I first signed my deal with Schwartz & Wade Books back in December of 2010. Over the course of the early part of 2011, I worked with my editor, the highly esteemed Anne Schwartz, on more revisions than I can count. Once Anne polished it up, she then went to find an illustrator that would match well with the book.

I was very fortunate that she chose Robert Dunlavey. His work is brilliant and pretty much mirrored exactly what I was thinking – even though we’ve had no communication. Pretty cool…if not eerie.

So here we are in 2013 and I have one more year to go.

The constant rule of publishing is very much in place here. Patience, my boy. Patience.

It does pay off.

So, what do you think of the cover? And what are some of your all time favorite picture book covers?