First, I apologize for not blogging for what seems like five minutes past forever! 2012 was a very crazy year, and we’re all looking forward to 2013.

There were so many wonderful children’s books published this year that I could write a post 10 miles long listing the titles that will thrill children and their parents. That would be too easy (and time consuming!). So, I decided to settle on the ONE book that, for me, stood head and shoulders above the others. As the tiny gears in my head worked overtime trying to puzzle out which book thrilled me the most, I spied the cover of the winner on my shelf and it was like a bolt of lightning crackled into the room.

Without a doubt, my favorite book, both in story and wonderful artwork, is I NEED MY MONSTER, written by first time author Amanda Noll and illistrated by Howard McWilliam (Flashlight Press).

I need my monster

Little Ethan is disturbed to find that the monster under his bed, Gabe, has gone fishing for a week. How can Ethan possibly get to sleep without his own personal monster? A series of strange and hilarious beasties slink out from under his bed, but no one can measure up to Gabe.

Ethan isn’t scared of the monsters, or even Gabe, for that matter. He needs his monster so he can sleep peacefully, knowing Gabe is by his side (or actually under his bed). What a wonderful way to show kids there’s nothing to fear at bedtime. Howard McWilliam’s artwork is captivating and full of movement and monstrous hilarity. Amanda Noll has crafted the perfect bedtime book for all of us who fretted over the beast in our room when the lights were dimmed and covers were drawn.

I NEED MY MONSTER is a book both kids and adults will treasure and hand down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go look for my monster, Harry. It’s bedtime and I need my monster!