A friend of mine who is a talented, aspiring picture book writer, recently turned me on to an audio podcast that I have found to be chock full of so much information, it should be mandatory for all kid-lit writers. It’s called Brain Burps About Books and is as much fun to listen to as it is informative.

Host and author Katie Davis dedicates each episode to different aspects of writing and promoting your work, from building believable characters to how to market your work, blog tours, making the web work for you and so much more.

Each episode has interviews with authors, marketing tips, readings, helpful hints, listener Q&A and anything else you could possibly need, all delivered with Katie’s down-home, easy going style.

There are over 90 episodes available and more every week. I strongly urge anyone who is serious about writing for children to make Brain Burps part of your weekly routine. You won’t be disappointed.