I don’t know about you, but there is no better sound in the world than little kids laughing. That’s why we adults spend so much time tickling them. If you want to send your little ones into hysterics (and probably yourself as well), I have two great recommendations.

First off is Walter the Farting Dog. You can tell from the title alone that you’re in for a laugh fest. It’s actually a sweet story. A family adopts old Walter and he’s the perfect pet in every respect but one…he has a huge farting problem. No matter what they do or how they feed him, Walter cannot stop passing gas. It gets to the point where Walter has to go back to the pound and the kids are  distraught. Then, in the middle of the night, burglars break in and try to steal everything in the house. Poor Walter, who was trying to hold in  his farts to prove he’s a good dog, let’s loose with a whopper that sends the burglars fleeing. Walter and his farts save the day! You might want to use this as a lead in to get your kids to eat more broccoli. They can be heroes, too!





Next up is The Butt Book. I was lucky enough to catch an author reading and got to see up close and personal how much a room full of kids love this book. Did you know that everyone has a butt? You will after this. Kids will learn every name (all the clean ones, that is) you can call your butt, along with every size, shape and color. This literally had kids on the floor with laughter.

A word of advice about both books. It’s best not to read them just before your kids go to bed. Giggling is never conducive to sleep!