As a child of the 70s, with limited options when it came to cartoons and when  you could watch them (Saturday mornings, mostly), reading was a big part of my life. Of course, that went hand in hand with pretending I was Evel Knievel and trying my best to break my neck each day. I remember being in school and getting the 4 page book catalogue where you cut out the order strip and checked off the books you wanted, that is after having my parents weed the number of books down to 2 or 3. The best day in school was, for me, book delivery day. I couldn’t wait to hear my name called so I could dash up to my teacher’s deak and get my new books. I would run my hand over their glossy covers, flip through the pages and inhale that sweet, fresh book aroma, and literally hum with the excitement and anticipation of reading them.

A great number of those books have become a part of my life and in turn, my children’s lives. Here are my 5 all time favorites. I’d be interested to hear yours!

The Little Red Lighthouse : What made this one so special to me was that it came with a little, floppy 45 record that you could play while you read along with it. Plus, the lighthouse was not too far from my house. At the time, it was like having a celebrity living next door.

The Snowy Day : I’m pretty sure this book is the reason I love the snow so much. In fact, I’ll take a snowy day over a week on a tropical island any day. This book is marvelous in its simplicity.

The Giving Tree : On of the most beautifully written children’s stories of all time with a message that takes on more  meaning with each passing year. For me, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

Where the Wild Things Are : This was a no-brainer. I was a little boy. I was a wild thing!

Golden Books : This isn’t so much about one book, but all of the little Golden Books that I read. These little hard covered gems were a staple of my childhood.